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Puritan Coffee Whole Beans – 2 Lb



This is our story:

Pastor Adrian Passarelli, originally from Argentina, was sent to be a missionary in the Pacific Coastal region of Costa Rica. Once his church was established, he served as their bi-vocational pastor. However, when economic problems hit, Pastor Passarelli was left without a primary source of income. He prayed for a way to support his family while continuing to serve as a pastor. Thus, Puritan Coffee was born.

Puritan Coffee was sold in Costa Rica on a small scale. Then, Christian brethren brought Puritan Coffee to the United States. Subsequently, God opened a door to sell Puritan Coffee in the US.

Both Pastor Passarelli and a local deacon are able to provide for their families and ministries as they manufacture & sell Puritan Coffee.

When you buy Puritan Coffee, you are not only receiving a delicious, quality coffee, but you are supporting God’s work as Pastor Passarelli commits to preaching & teaching God’s Word & advancing the Kingdom of God through planting confessional churches throughout Costa Rica! Thank you for supporting this ministry!

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  1. Gourmet and Premium arabica whole beans
  2. Medium Roast
  3. Single Estate
  4. Direct Trade
  5. Plant Variety: Caturra & Catuaí
  6. Specialty Grade Coffee grown at 5,400 feet above sea level in the mountains of the Costa Rican Central Valley Tarrazu.
  7. Ingredients: 100 % arabica Coffee Beans.
  8. Cup profile: Fruity fragrance, sweet, caramel aroma, round body, high and rich acidity, fruit and chocolate flavor.
  9. Handpicked, honey sundried processed
  10. .